Berry Season Has Hit

Berry season is in full force around the Harbor and we are loving it!. I’m pretty sure my son could eat his weight in fruit every morning for breakfast and again for lunch. While we’re up to our eyebrows in fruit, I’m trying to plan out some ways to save all that goodness for the dull grey of winter. Yesterday I made jam,and it is super easy! In addition to jam, I’m also making a lot of other berry inspired dishes.

strawberry recipes

Strawberry Parfait

This is something my kids love and is a pretty simple snack to make after school.

1/2 c. sliced strawberries
1/2 c. Greek Yogurt with Honey
1/4 c. Granola

In a small bowl or cup, put granola in bottom. Layer yogurt on top. Then layer strawberries. Eat!
Super easy and simple!
At the beginning of berry season, sometimes I put the strawberries in before the yogurt, so the kids get a surprise.

Making Jam

The “recipe” for making jam varies by type and brand of gelling agent you use. Or you can even go “gell-free” and go the old fashioned route, but there still is a process that can make it simple, easy and fun. Plus you have the satisfaction of seeing all those jars lining your pantry shelf.

Elsewhere on the web:

 Tarte aux Fraises à la Guimauve

Have I mentioned that my mother is a total Francophile?
Bonsoir Lune was the kids favorite book, as babies and french cooking is no stranger around here.
This isn’t an off the shelf dessert, but it is so good!

Old Fashioned Jam Cake

Traditional cakes have more spices and less sugary sweetness. That’s why we love them!
This cake is great with or without frosting and would be great for picnic hikes.

Easy Strawberry Smoothie

 This smoothie is not only tasty, but chock full of all that good stuff, like flax-seed and greek yogurt. Healthy!

5 Minute Healthy Frozen Yogurt

So easy and so yummy! Perfect for those long hot days when a ton of sugar just isn’t a good idea.

Summer Spinach Strawberry Salad

There are days you just don’t want to cook and we are trying to be healthier this summer, so we probably won’t be eating cake every day. But a salad, with spinach from the garden and strawberries just picked? How does that not sound mouth-watering?

Fresh Strawberry Popsicles

Super easy recipe! Just strawberries, a little sugar and water. Perfect for hot, busy days.

Strawberry Pie

The first time I ever saw a strawberry pie, I was dazzled by its shiny, bright red, mouth-watering look. It didn’t seem like the glaze could hold all those strawberries

Fresh Strawberry Scones

Scones are a breakfast favorite around here – easy to grab and go. Plus, no frosting or sprinkles. Yes, I’m looking at you pop-tart!

We are going to be having so much eating fun this summer!


  1. Patricia says:

    I love strawberries and it seems that between strawberries and watermelon (my other favorite summer time (now anytime)) fruit. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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