Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Are those pins for real?

If you're anything like me, you've spent a lot of time browsing on Pinterest finding all sorts of wonderful recipes, decorating ideas, laughs... pretty much everything you would ever be interested in.

But are those pictures for real? Can you really make your own gummy worms? (PinterestFail blog says no) and redecorated your kitchen for $20? (possibly) Cupcake Minions? Totally do-able.

The Purposeful Wife has a lot of pins she's stacked up as well. This month, though, she's working on 31 Days of Pinterest Applied. Refreshing towels recipe? Maybe. Refreshing mattress recipe? Yes! Sidewalk chalk paint? Yes. Homemade Twix bars? Yes, but plan out more time than you think you will need.

I wonder if she'll try to build that refrigerator made out of gel?


  1. I just love pinterest. I was a late comer, but once I got on the bandwagon I was hooked. This was one of my possible topics for 31 days :D

  2. I love pinterest too! But sometimes the photo is more tempting than my talents will really allow.


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