2017 – My Year of Goals

reaching for goals
My word for 2017 is Goals. Oh yeah. Very pumped about this year and all these goals. Accomplishments will be abounding! Yes-siree-bob! Ok, it’s January 3rd. The gyms are full of newly minted enthusiastic members and everyone has a new planner to sell. It’s resolution time. Why not join the bandwagon? It’s as good of time as any to start afresh. This year, I’ve got goals aplenty and the plan is to work on achieving them every day.


flooded streetWay back in 2015 we had a flood in our neighborhood. While the damage to my house wasn’t huge, the hit to my emergency savings account was. This year, my goal is to build my emergency fund back up to stress-relieving levels. At the same time, I also want to reduce my debt. For single moms, finances are a big stressor because we only have one income. If something happens, all the responsibility is on our shoulders. Having an emergency fund and little debt are two major steps in reducing that stress.  For fun, we (kids and I) are doing the 365 Day Penny Challenge. If you follow the plan, you’ll have almost $700 at the end of the year! I’m looking forward to Christmas shopping completely debt-free and my kids will be learning some good money lessons.


writing blogging goalsI have a lot of goals in blogging this year. The first is having a regular posting schedule. Which I already broke, but a goal is something you are working towards, right? It’s in progress. Of course, it goes without saying that having a regular posting schedule means writing more (yay!) and more adventuring! I must something to write about, right? By the way, if you haven’t heard, Canada is handing out free Discovery Passes for all their National Parks for the year! Expect to see the results of that little bargain in a blog post or two, plus a lot more.  I’m also thinking about re-doing a few things on the site itself and learning more about the business of blogging this year. Attending a blogging conference is also a goal, with possible travel. With-no-kids traveling. Oooooo.

Healthy Family

Every one has some sort of health related goal for the year and they all end up falling by the wayside some time around January 10th. This year I’m motivated by sanity more than a bikini. The foods we eat have a big impact on behavior and with a child who has difficulties self-regulating, that impact can be a problem. Finally getting the diagnosis of High Functioning Austim meant I got to do a lot of reading, research and talking. Food can be a help and hindrance to us. The first thing I’ve noticed is that any type of soda causes frantic tantrums, so I cut it out of our diet. Now we are working on reintroducing vegetables and eating out less, but I see challenges ahead. Change isn’t something we can do on a dime. It literally takes months for a transition to become set and not cause anxiety. I have a feeling that this will be a year long goal.

Healthy Me

I fully admit that I am not a healthy eater. I love junk food! Actually, I love all food but the worse for me it is, the more I like it. As I’m writing this, all I can think about is the Wendy’s Baconator. However, I’m getting old. Not old enough to sit around in the rocking chair, but old enough to prepare for the degradation of my body; stopping bone loss and all that jazz. It’s time to start buying the expensive organic, no-sugar (fake or real) foods and pack salads for lunch.

Other things

I have a whole host of other things I would like to do this year. Last fall I took a ceramics course and LOVED it! Definitely want to do that again. I want to finish art courses I’m currently taking; think about technology courses; find a new house; maybe get some chickens; re-do my kitchen; figure out a way to keep my house in order for more than 20 minutes; get one of those new copper frying pans; stay optimistic… There will be many challenges ahead this year and I will keep reaching for my goals.

What are your resolutions? How are you working to achieve them?